Bumpits (Brunette)

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Upset when your hair that falls flat, no matter how much you try to style it? Wish you could bump it up anytime and have a great hair day every day? Now, you can!

Finally, here from Hollywood!
Now, Hollywood stars aren’t the only ones who can always look as if they just come from a great hairdresser? With Bumpits, you can have the same kind of gorgeously styled hair all the time, too.

Bumpits match your hair color – for an invisible lift
Bumpits come in three different colors.




Order the color that matches your hair and no one will know how you got your great-looking new hairstyle!

Quick and easy to use
Put an invisible Bumpit in your hair – and bump up your hair from blah to beautiful in seconds!

Simply part your hair in the back, put in a Bumpit, and let your hair fall over it. Now, spray and style your hair for the high, dramatic look you want. That’s all there is to it! You’ve got the awesome hair you want -- instantly!

Lift up enough hair with one hand to cover your Bumpit, parting it where a headband would go. Brush up the hair that will go over the Bumpit. Place the Bumpit at the line where you parted your hair upward. Lower your hair back down over the Bumpit and tug slightly to press the teeth of the Bumpit snugly in place. Style and spray with a firm hairspray for stunning volume that will last during your night out or your day at work or play. Remember to remove gently. You can use more than one Bumpit at the same time, depending on the hairstyle you want.

Never have another bad hair day
Imagine! Now, your hair can have the same gorgeous volume it would have if you paid to have it styled by a top Hollywood hairdresser. How great is that?

Bumpits for stylish nights and casual days
You get five Bumpits in every pack. One has a dramatically high curve to give your hair a gorgeous look for stylish nights, and two have a lower curve for quieter nights and easygoing days. Two smaller ones let you add striking accents.

HoldFast™ clips keep our Bumpets in place
Our special HoldFast™ clips make sure your Bumpits stay in place. So you’ll feel secure that your hair will stay the way you styled it, even when you dance the night away.

Price only


Press twice to buy two items.


5.0 stars, 5 reviews


I wasn’t sure I’d be comfortable wearing Bumpits and was relieved about the way I could order it and wait two weeks to pay. It gave me plenty of time to try them – and I love them!


I’ve bought a number of your products and I’ve always been very happy with them. Bumpits is no exception. I just love what they do for my hair! So keep up the great work.


I always wondered why movie stars always have such perfect hairdos. I know they have the best hairdressers. I just didn’t know the hairdressers had Bumpits. Now I do and am I ever glad!


Don’t you just hate a bad hair day? I can’t stand them and was so very happy to find out about Bumpits. They make my hair look great!


There are just some days when my hair falls flat. I can’t do a thing with it and it’s really frustrating. Thank you, Bumpits. What a great and easy fix!

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