Remove hair with wax like a PRO

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Wax for hair removal at home

100% smooth long-lasting hair removal

  • ✔ All-natural ingredients for an all-natural home made wax hair removal
  • ✔ Easily remove hair from body, face, under arms, bikini or other areas of interest
  • ✔ Extremely fast, practical and convenient to use, say goodbye to unwanted hair immediately

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New from Hollywood: What does NextWAX™ do?

The NextWAX depilatory wax strips are a fast, practical and convenient way for hair removal. It allows you to quickly get rid of hairs by pulling them out by their roots - keeping you hair free for extended periods of time. It works perfectly for all kinds of areas; from facial to bikini.

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Questions from our testers:
Does they work for armpits?
Yes, they work perfectly. You can cut them in half and use them in the armpits. The only trick is that you have to wait a bit before you wax, so the hair is long enough to be waxed.

Do they handle the bikini line?
The hair removal strips are made large, so you can cut them in the size you want. We recommend that you cut it slim, so they easily and quickly can remove your bikini line hair. Wash and dry the area before you grow. Maybe use a little bit of baby powder on the area before you wax.

Are they safe to use on the face?
Yes, they are also good to use on the face. Cut them to fit into the areas you want to use them. For example, to use them for the upper lip, you can cut them half and slim.

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Note: 10 strips with wax in each order of NextWAX™.

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Okay, I'm going to be honest here. I hate to shave my legs with a razor! It takes too long and is annoying. All that work with a razor for one day's smooth skin - if it even lasts that long. No thanks! So what does a busy mom? Leaves her hair to grow bushy? No way! Try these bad boys and see what they actually can do!

First off, I have light and fine hair, and these one they are just easy to use. I make sure to have a little hair, as the wax can grab on to, so all the hairs are pulled out by the roots. You can not shave your legs Friday night and try these ones out on Saturday and expect that they will work. If you have never removed hair with wax before, make sure to read the description. It can also be a good idea to get someone to help you when you first use them. It takes a little courage to rip your own hair.

The key to a perfect hair removal with wax, it is to ensure that you put the strips on in the right direction so that your hair is turned backwards. Tighten your skin and pull the strip off quickly - like a patch. Afterwards, if your skin is tender, it may help to apply a little pressure to the place that is now hairless. When you are completely finished removing hair, wash off any remaining wax, and use a good cream.

I enjoyed more than 2 weeks with smooth skin, and the few dollars I spent on it was worth every penny!

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