Professional Manicure Kit

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Did you know that there are French manicure kits for home use?

You can now get your hands on a crispy home kit so that you can get superstar-fingernails.

...the boys look a great deal at a woman's nails - what is a good looking woman with ugly fingernails?

Buy our 5-in-1 Manicure kit and get beautiful nails.
Neat nails are a sign of a healthy body. With our kit you can get a perfect French manicure - AT HOME!

If you do not know how to create a French manicure, then read here:

1. You start by applying the transparent paint.
2. When it is dry, use the white paint, (use tape).
3. Finish by applying the transparent/pink paint on the whole nail. The white will show through.

It is also a good idea to file and/or clip the fingernails so that they are the same length when you do manicure.

Price only


Press twice to buy two items.


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Just purchased this product, and I am very happy. Currently have gel nails on, but the equipment can also be used for the feeds :) Fast delivery :)

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