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Do you want long, stunning hair guys can’t take their eyes off of and other women rave about? Are you upset because your hair is too thin or too short? Get happy! And get Salonel™ by LuxStyle. They’re the highest-quality human hair extensions – at unbeatable prices.

You’ll see the natural remy quality immediately

Our genuine remy hair extensions are visibly superior – naturally beautiful, soft, shiny, manageable, and exactly the color you order to blend with your own hair perfectly.

How do we do it?

How can we offer you salon-quality extensions at half the price? We simply don’t have the big overhead salons do. So with Salonel you don’t just get what you pay for. You get much more!

Everything you need for ravishingly long, beautiful hair in minutes

Exactly the same remy hair extensions salons sell for £100 and more
Sourced from the same locations and suppliers

Bought directly by us, so we can monitor the quality to make sure our hair extensions are selected and prepared to the highest standards

Over 100,000 happy customers in just the last 12 months

That’s right! Over 100,000 women have purchased our remy hair extensions in justthe past 12 months. They’re really happy with them -- and we think you will be, too.

You get a complete, professional hair-extension kit

Your Salonel kit includes all of the following:

Color: Brown - #10

Clips: 13 pieces.

Quality: 100% real human, professional,salon-quality hair.

Quantity: 8 lanes, various lengths and sizes for a natural look

Length: 45 cm – all the length you need for a magnetic result

Weight: 80 grams

Handmade, not machine made

Our hair extensions are handmade. So you know they’re of the finest quality. That’s why we can guarantee them to last longer and look sensational.

Lasting beauty that’s completely versatile
Since our extensions are 100% real human hair, you can do everything with them that you can do with your own hair – and they’ll stay gorgeous through it all.

Just like your own hair, Salonel hair extensions can be:






Learn more about authentic remy hair by Salonel

It’s the highest grade of real human hair available anywhere. So it provides the most natural and beautiful look.

The quality of remy hair is based on where it is sourced and on how it is processed.

Our hair extensions are carefully selected, not just by the donor, but to make sure all of the cuticles are the same length. With remy hair, the cuticles aren’t stripped away, as they are with most other hair extensions. They’re kept intact. Then the cuticles are aligned in one direction. As a result, remy hair remains naturally soft, silky andtangle-free for its entire life.

On the other hand, synthetic extensions don’t look as natural and are much harder to style or color. They don’t match your own hair nearly as well, and the sun can make the color of synthetic hair fade.

Exclusive SureGrip™ Clips
Our clips make sure your hair extensions stay in place, even when you’re really active. No glue is required. Just clip them in place and get active.

Easy to use – for gorgeous long hair in just minutes

Our hair extensions are so easy to use anyone can get gorgeous hair in just minutes

Here’s all you do:

1. Open the clip simply by pressing the middle.

2. Put your hair up but leave some hanging in the back.This step assures that you’ll get a natural look

3. Clip in the large extension and let some or your hair fall over it

4. Clip in the smaller extensions in the back

5. Put the 2 small lanes in the sideand let your hair fall gently over the tracks

6. Attach them and you’re done!

If you have questions about how to use them or about your purchase, we invite you to contact customer service.

Tip: If you tuper your hair first, the SureGrip clips will hold even better.

Buy Now – Only £42.95 That’s less than half the price salons charge!

Purchase your salon-quality blond hair extensions now – and save 67% off the usual price. This is a limited-time offer. So don’t miss out. Buy yourstoday!

And get the long, beautiful hair you dream – and Salonel by LuxStyle makes affordable.

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5.0 stars, 5 reviews


I didn’t know the difference between remy hair extensions and other ones. I’m really glad I picked them. I love the way I look and, best of all, my boyfriend is wild about how I look with long hair.


My hair extensions look and feel so natural I think of them as my own hair. Truly cool!


I was concerned that the color wouldn’t match my own hair, butI’m really glad to say the extensions I ordered go with my hair perfectly. My friends can’t believe it and strangers never guess I’m wearing them. Very highly recommended!


I’ve had my Salonel hair extensions for a couple of months now. They looked great from the first time I clipped them in and I can’t believe they still look like new. I’m sooo happy with them!


I have a friend who got her hair extensions at a salon and neither one of us can tell the difference between hers and the ones I got here for half price. Wow! Really recommend them.

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