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Wish there was an easy way to slim down your tummy, hips, and thighs? You’re not alone! As the years go by, most of us put on weight, but we have a hard time losing it.

Now, you can have the gorgeous figure you’ve always dreamed of – instantly and comfortably! So you can look the great way you want to when you go out for a special night, go to work, or any other time!

The modern way to look trim and in shape
Thanks to modern technology, LuxStyle Slimming Pants offer the instantly slimmer, shapely look that you could only get from traditional – and uncomfortable – corsets or girdles. The advanced technology has already made the same kind of slimming pants a runaway success in America – and now LuxStyle brings them to the UK.

Clothes too small? Problem solved!
You’ll be able to slip into clothes that are 1, 2, or even 3 sizes smaller instantly! So you’ll be able to wear the pretty clothes you’ve got in your closet you haven’t been able to fit into.

Amazingly comfortable yet effective
Our slimming pants are made with advanced fabrics and elastics to be really comfortable to wear. In fact, you’ll even forget you’re wearing them! They even make it easy to go to the restroom.

The pants feature a unique blend of 80% Nylon and 20% Lycra. The combination makes them incredibly soft and flexible yet gives them the elastic strength they need to hold in your tummy, hips, and thighs – and give you the gorgeous, youthful hourglass figure you want.

The coverage you want
Our slimming pants give you coverage from the chest clear down to just above the knees. So all the areas you worry about are suddenly visibly slimmer!

Get back your self-confidence
You’ll have the look that gives you the confidence you want. So you’ll be at your best at any social occasion.

Postpartum tommy reduction
Get rid of post pregnancy belly and wobbly tummy! Our Slimming Pants help you reduce weight and shape your body. It helps you regain your gorgeous look very quick!

Only you’ll know you’re wearing them
The special sewing technique and fabrics assure that there’s no telltale look. So no one will guess you’re wearing our slimming pants.

Works for women of all ages
Regardless of your age, LuxStyle slimming pants will give you the slimmer, shapely look you dream of instantly.

Buy yours today at our low introductory price – just £23.95!
Purchase your LuxStyle Slimming Pants right now and enjoy our low introductory price of only £23.95 per pair. Offer good for a limited time only. So act now!

Small(approx. size 36/38)
= 71 - 86 cm around hip
Medium(approx. size 38) = 78 - 92cm around hip
Large(approx. size 40/42) = 83 - 101 cm around hip
X-large(approx size 42/44) = 89 -110 cm around hip
XX-large(approx. size 44/46) = 103 - 124 cm around hip
XXX-large(approx. size 46+) = 148 - 160 cm around hip

Price only


Press twice to buy two items.


5.0 stars, 5 reviews


I just love them – and my new look! Thank you so much!


I thought if something was firm enough to work it would be really stiff and obvious to everyone. I was so surprised. I hardly know I’m wearing them an nobody else notices I am either. Highly recommended!


I want to look slimmer but I also like feeling comfortable. Your slimming pants did both for me. Hooray!


I know, I know, if you want to look thinner, lose weight. Well, I’m trying. But meanwhile I’m really glad I bought your new slimming pants. When I put them on, I look as if I lost 10 kg! Highly recommended


I was so upset that I couldn’t fit into lots of my clothes anymore. But now I can do it! I’m so happy!

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